Obtain Family Dentistry with the Help of Our Dentist in Wanniassa

Is your family in need of affordable dental care to maintain their oral health? Greenway Dental can help you and your loved ones with any dental problems that arise and dedicate ourselves to creating healthy and bright smiles for you and your children. When you visit our family dentist in Wanniassa, you will be greeted by a caring staff that will listen to your needs.

No matter what type of dental care you require, we can help you. Our family dentist in Wannaiassa will discuss all treatment options for anything from preventative care to methods used to increase the health and appearance of your teeth. After the initial visit, we can identify problems and create a plan to produce solutions just for you.

Our dentists have been in practice since 2008 and have the experience to provide the services that you need. We will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable before, during, and after you receive dental procedures. You can even choose to use nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to manage any anxiety that you may feel about each of your treatments.

Visit our family dentist in Wanniassa for a root canal, tooth extraction, fillings, restorations, and procedures to manage the onset of gum disease. Once we perform corrective treatments, you can even choose to whiten your teeth with our specialised care. We can bleach your teeth so that you no longer have to worry about your stained or discoloured smile.