Worried About Visiting the Dentist?

Did you have a bad experience at the dentist when you were a child, or do you perhaps have a low pain tolerance in general? If you do, don't worry, because it's entirely reasonable to be concerned about something that could potentially be a little uncomfortable. At greenway dental, your family dentist in Kambah, we see it quite often, but we are here to tell you that anxiety over visiting the dentist is not necessary at all.

Of course, we would just say that, wouldn't we? But, seriously, at greenway dental, we go out of our way to reduce your fear of visiting the dentist, and we can do this in a variety of ways. Firstly, we always encourage you to tell us if you have any concerns. We can explain the procedure you're having to you, so you know what to expect. Secondly, we can prescribe you with a pill to take about an hour before you visit us. This medication acts to relax you so that you will feel less nervous and more comfortable.

Another way your family dentist in Kambah can help is by providing a gas called Penthrox. You can use this at any time during your visit to help calm your nerves. It helps to relax you as well as also providing pain relief.

These are just a few ways that greenway dental can assist you through your visit to our surgery. If you need any further information about relaxation techniques, Penthrox, or Nitrous Oxide to help steady your nerves, give your family dentist in Kambah a call today on 02 6293 9339. We are here to help you.