Maintain Your Family's Dental Health with Our Family Dentist in Gowrie

When you or your loved ones need exceptional dental care, look no further than our family dentist in Gowrie. Our two experienced dentists, Dr Jennifer Bazen and Dr Paul Ichim, have been practising dentistry since 1998 and have even trained other up-and-coming dentists. We specialise in family dental care and help to prevent dental problems from occurring. Save time and money when you make regular visits to Greenway Dental.

You can obtain information about different dental treatment options and the various risks and benefits associated with each when you speak with our family dentist in Gowrie. We can create individualised mouth guards, night guards, splints, and veneers to meet any need. Also, we make sure that you are comfortable when you receive a root canal or treat any dental emergency that may arise. Most importantly, we offer check-ups for your whole family so you can avoid spending a lot of money in the future on issues that could have been avoided with preventative dental care.

Make the best decision for your dental care by visiting our family dentist in Gowrie. Our primary goal is helping you and your family maintain a healthy mouth, no matter what type of treatment is required to maintain oral health. We enable you to take full control of you and your family's dental health without worrying about breaking the bank. Receive the gentle, caring, and affordable dental care that you need no matter what type of treatment is required.