How Does Your Family Dentist Measure Up to Greenway Family Dentist in Chisholm?

Greenway Dental understands why choosing a Family Dentist in Chisholm can be so confusing. We identify some basic considerations to assist you to make the right choice.

Is the Family Dentist part of a family or closely held business, or is it owned and controlled by a large corporate entity? The large corporate structure and procedures may inhibit developing a friendly, gentle and caring setting, which will make the visits more comfortable and less stressful for your family.

Are the staff experienced and utilising the best, most advanced procedures? According to our Family Dentist in Chisholm, these considerations can indicate whether the Family Dentist prides themselves on exceeding the expectations of each and every patient.

Does the Family Dentist encourage the patient or their parents to take control of their oral care and treatment? Do they explain the various treatment options, relative risks, realistic outcomes and costs? These factors can also indicate a willingness to develop a personal, caring relationship with the patient, rather than merely a revenue based relationship.

Do the staff make every effort to make the patient comfortable, by utilising anti-anxiety medications or nitrous oxide when appropriate? Greenway Dental Family Dentist in Chisholm discusses these options with patients when such techniques may assist in providing a less stressful experience.

Does the Family Dentist explain the importance of routine dental care in preventing long term bigger oral problems? This is indicative of the Family Dentist assisting in the overall oral health of the family, rather than looking forward to "big ticket" procedures to address long term problems later.