Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Oral Health?

According to our Dentist in Kambah, many people put off routine dental examinations, cleanings, fillings and dental restoration work for a variety of reasons. Many are anxious about pain or discomfort when contemplating having dental work performed. Others are concerned about the cost or whether a particular treatment is appropriate for them.

Greenway Dental believes that regular dental care is the primary way to prevent many of the more serious dental problems that can occur. Many of these concerns can be minimised utilising a family owned dental office like Greenway Dental. This Dentist in Kambah is a gentle and caring dentist who provides quality, affordable dentistry. We place the comfort of the patient first and take the time to make sure the patient is comfortable. The Greenway Dental Dentist in Kambah relies upon many years of experience in formulating a treatment plan and maximising patient comfort.

Greenway Dental takes the time to explain all of the treatment options, to allow patients to plan their schedules and payment options. Giving the patient a clear and comfortable understanding of the proposed treatment and reasonable expectations is paramount at Greenway Dental. For those patients suffering from anxiety about going to the dentist, Greenway Dental can utilise medications to lessen the anxiety, or use "laughing gas" during the procedure to reduce discomfort.

Our Dentist in Kambah strives to remove many of the stresses and excuses many use to put off appropriate dental care. He prides himself on providing dental treatment for the whole family, in a comfortable and professional setting.