Maintain Your Family's Dental Health with Our Children’s Dentist in Chisholm

Established in 2012, Greenway Dental takes pride in maintaining your children's dental health to put your mind at ease. Our company is family-owned-and-operated and provides dental care for you and your whole family. Dr Jennifer Bazen and Dr Paul Ichim are skilled dentists who recommend treatment and care for each of our patients without being compromised by the demands of corporate owners or health funds.

Bring your children to a skilled and detail-oriented children's dentist in Chisholm to maintain their dental health at an affordable price. We are gentle and caring to make going to the dentist easy for children to manage. We know that young children often have a fear of doctors, especially dentists, which is why we are both nurturing and compassionate with our approach.

When you visit our children's dentist in Chisholm, you can be at ease knowing that your family will receive the dental care that they need. We use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help put our patients at ease when it is appropriate. No matter what type of dental care you and your family need, we will be there for you to meet your needs.

When you visit our children's dentist in Chisholm, you can expect only the best. Our experienced dentists provide all types of dental services from basic check-ups and routine maintenance to filling cavities and other developmental issues that may occur. Make sure that you and your loved ones have the healthiest teeth possible with our care.